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Mammoth Cave Basket Makers
Pictures Fall 2002

Burkesville KY - APLINE MOTEL

Photos 1956

Christmas at Rugby 2000
Wedding Photos
Family Reunion 1998
Naval Air Museum 1998
Motocross OH 1998
Loretta Lynn's 2000
ArenaCross 2001 Nashville
Mike's NEW YZ250F
Allen County Quilt
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Crawford Reunion 2000
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W. C. Handy Blues and Barbeque Festival 2010
Orange Beach 2006
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Mexico 2005
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New Year 2004
Jackson TN 2003

New Year 2003

Standing Stone 2003

Marysville Washington 2003
Spring Wild Flower Pictures 2003

Tree overlooking Ghost Ranch, you can see terrell in the lake.

Pictures from Ghost Ranch New Mexico and Bandelier National Monument. Pictures made during the National Basketry Organization Conference 2002.

Drawings by Tori

NEW! - Gabby Hester's Sheep Drawing.Click for Gabby's Sheep
Plus, Terrell Jones's link page.

Pictures from The Trellis and Cedar Class with Judy Zugish March 2002.

Nancy, Leona and Beth Nancy Vanwinkle, Leona Waddell and Beth Hester holding their white oak baskets. Leona was teaching Beth and Nancy the finer points of basket making. Click here for a larger view.

Standing Stone 2001 Photos.

Sunday afternoon drive in Kentucky July 2001.

New pictures of 1957 Barbour Silver Clipper.


An enchanting beginning to the Holiday Season - Christmas at Historic Rugby 2000, followed by a fantastic New Years with Friends 2000-2001.

New pages: Pictures from Beth's class at John C Campbell 2000.

Preview pictures of Southeast Utah 2000

Hart County Fair and White Oak Basket Competition 2000

Crawford Reunion 2000

NEW! Photo story of Our Trip to Southern Utah in April 1999!

Photos from the Canon A50 Digital Camera. And more photos from Mammoth Cave National Park - January 2000. And more photos from Jackson TN February 2000.

NEWS FLASH!!! We are proud to announce that the Allen County Quilt has been accepted into the Group category of the 15th annual American Quilt Society Show and Contest in Paducah, Kentucky. Ours is one of 400 quilts (selected from 1200 entries) in this year's show. The Show is at The Executive Inn April 21 - 25, 1999. We are so excited!

We will be adding and experimenting with this page from time to time.  We hope your stay is not only enjoyable but exciting! For Real FUN check out the 1999 4H Wildflower Hike.

 If you like motorcycles check out the pictures from the 2000 Atlanta Supercross or 1999 Atlanta Supercross! Also, we just got back from the 2000 Loretta Lynn's Motocross Championship - the best amateur motocross riders in the country!

Both Beth and I are basket makers and along with Michael Sims own GH Productions Inc.-- The Basket Maker's Catalog.  

Here are 2 pictures of baskets we have made.  The first basket is an early-style Nantucket Lightship Basket.  The staves, handles and rims are white oak and the weaving is 4mm binding cane. I wanted to create the rough but elegant look of the early Nantucket Lightship Baskets.

The next basket is a reproduction of an antique basket found in Allen County, KY.  We call the basket Jessie's Egg Basket after Jessie Dalton whose father made the original.  She used her basket to gather eggs.  The original basket was made of hickory but we chose white oak for our basket.

We found a 1919 F.C. Taylor trapping catalog in our wash house hiding behind a stud.  Even if you do not agree with the trapping concept, you may enjoy taking a look back in time. 

Now, I do like to get outside and fish as much as possible.   The boat we "grew-up with" was a 1957 Barbour Silver Clipper 16.  This boat was made to fish the inlets and sounds of North Carolina. These days I mostly fish from a canoe.   Here is a picture of our friends Jason and John Fraim.  We were fishing on Middle Fork Creek early Spring 1998.

This virtual world is brought to you by The Basket Maker's Catalog.


406th Pictures
P51 at Sunset
One of my projects is to publish my Father's Army Air Corps pictures.  Above is a photo of a P-51 at sunset, somewhere in Germany late 1945.  My father was a P-47 pilot in the 406th fighter group.