1958 Barbour Silver Clipper as seen in

Motor Boating Magazine
Barbour Ad Silver Clipper

Close up of Barbour

What is a 1958 Barbour Boat Advertisement doing on our web page?  Well, as you can see from the 1956 Photos page my father liked to fish.  So, he bought a new 1957 Barbour Silver Clipper 16. The 1958 models had just come out so he got a good deal.  It had the most powerful outboard motor available in 1957 -- a 35 hp monster!  We loved that boat and still do.  The boat now rests in my garage awaiting restoration. Originally the boat was pink, but was later painted white exactly like the color photo.

The Black and White ads were taken from the June 1958 issue of Motor Boating Magazine.  The color photo was used in the 1958 promotional brochure from Barbour Boats Inc.

barbour catalog cover barbour price list barbour price list original receipt
Barbour Boats Catalog from 1958 - Price Lists 1958 Front Back- Original receipt for the Barbour Silver Clipper

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