Allen County 4-H Wildflower Hike 1999

Back row starting from left: Katherine Vinson, Jessica Mays, Beth Hester, Polly Renick, Patrick Arterburn, Martha Arterburn, Mary Ralph, Kim Erwin, Sue Erwin. Second row starting from left: Kara Morrell, Brittney Schweikarth, Malia Carver, Tyler Arterburn, Allison McGuffey, Leslie Ann Fraim, Elizabeth Ralph. Front row starting from left: Justin Morrell, Garrett Morrell, Mellissa, Leah Ralph

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trout lilies white trillium blue bells Duchman's Breeches KV and JM
Trout Lilies - White Trillium - Virginia Blue Bells - Dutchman's Breeches - Katherine and Jessica

KV KM & JM stinky socks Brittney & Malia everybody guys
Katherine, Jessica & Kara - Leslie Fraim - Brittney & Malia- Swimming Hole - Guys

swimming tyler socks time to go home
Swimming Tyler - Sock Time - Time to go home!

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