SuperCross 1999
Button Crashing
So far 1999 has been a fantastic year for Pace SuperCross.  The February Atlanta race was the best so far.  With the track being very fast and technical, many riders found themselves eating dirt.  Jimmy Button wasn't the only rider who crashed in the Georgia red clay.  Right before Button crashed in practice (as seen above) Ezra Lusk also had a hard time with that same jump.  (To see Jimmy crash again just reload this page.)

To the right is Jimmy Button in the pits with his crew.  He was holding down third in the main race until he misread the long whoop section.

Jimmy Button
Phil Lawrence Phil Lawrence
Above is Phil Lawrence, one of the few privateers who makes it to the 250 Main each week.  You may know him from the Thor commercial on TV.  I wonder if he ever got  back his favorite jersey?
Larry Ward To the left is Larry Ward in his pits.  In the 250 Main Larry was second behind McGrath.  McGrath eventually won, but if McGrath had made just one mistake Larry would have been right there to take the lead.  A little arm pump late in the race let John Dowd get by.  Larry finished third.  Not bad for a race that saw a lot of good riders go down.
Josh the KTM rider Josh came all the way from Florida with his dad to race in the KTM Challenge.
To the Right is Robbie Horton.  He placed 6th in the 125 main.  He had a line through the rhythm section that was incredible, he would clear the table top completely and land on the back of the next jump.  No one else was doing this and Robbie was doing it every lap.  Watch out for this guy. Robbie Horton
Stiles didn't make it into the 125 main.  He was looking really good, but was taken out by another rider during a heat race.  As they say -- That's racing. Stiles

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