Fall 2002
Front Yard
Looking at the house from the side
View through side window
The ground is covered with a carpet of yellow maple leaves. You can see the house framed by the trunks of the trees. There are pumpkins on the doorstep and a bird feeder hanging in the air. If you look closely you can see the satellite dish hiding beside the barn.
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I thought I would get a picture first before I raked the leaves. The blower on my John Deere mower filled the wagon about 8 times before I was through. Do not worry, there are still many more leaves left to fall. View picture We are building a stone wall and had a 50 ton load of shot rock from the local quarry dumped in our side yard. The rock is still there as building the wall is taking much more time than I thought it would take. These asters still managed to find their way through the rock. They are a beautiful purple color with fading yellow centers.
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Looking through the side door window you see the distortion caused by the glass. There is a dogwood tree with red leaves behind the trunk of an old maple tree. The distortion gives the whole picture a surreal feel. View picture
Foggy morning      
You have some red dogwood leaves in the foreground with yellow maple leaves in the background. You can just see the morning sun cutting through the fog drifting in from the valley.
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This page is for Terrell Jones, who said I needed to add alt tags to my pictures. He was right of course. I also added text to describe the pictures. Back to Beth and Scott