The Canon A-50 Digital Camera

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Front Yard

Choctaw Cane Basket

Smoke House

Tinker Bell

Standing Rock

River Medium 35K

River BIG 103K

river in spring

Christ Church

Rugby Cemetary

Rugby Cemetary

Thomas Hughes' House

Thomas Hughes' House

Madamn Hughes Grave

Gentleman's Swimming Hole

Beth and Jodie

Test Pictures from my new Canon A-50. Overall I am very pleased with the results. Although this camera will not replace my Canon Elan 35mm, it will be used a lot. Judge for yourself by looking at the images on the left. The images were run through Photoshop 4 with various effects added to enhance the images for this test. (The vignette with the added drop shadow may be going too far, but this is just a test.)

Good Points:

  • The color and clarity of the images are very good.
  • The camera is easy to use with a short learning curve.
  • Print quality on a 3" x 4" print is fantastic.
  • Images for the web are as good as I can get scanning photos.
  • Total cost of system (camera, battery pack, card reader) is less than the new 2.1M pixel cameras and for 3" x 4" prints the quality is comparable. (The Canon A-50 has 1.3M pixels.)

Bad Points:

  • You must buy the optional battery pack (~$100.00)
  • Camera is so small you should use a tripod with the selftimer in medium light conditions. Low light conditions a tripod is a must.
  • The fine details are lost as compared to a 35mm photo.

The Pictures from the Christ Church down were taken at Historic Rugby Tennessee, December 4-5, 1999. Historic Rugby is one of Tennessee's hidden treasures. A Victorian Village left over from the 1880's nestled on the Cumberland Plateau and bordering the Big South Fork Park. Check out their Website for more information:


New Pictures from Point Park Lookout Mountain Tennessee - February 25, 2000.

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