Back Home in Allen County, Kentucky
Allen County, Kentucky Historical Quilt

This quilt was lovingly created for the community by members of the Allen County Extension Homemakers to commemorate their 50th Anniversary (1948 - 1998).

Using artists' drawings and historical photographs, committee members developed patterns which were hand appliquéd, embroidered and pieced together to construct the quilt top. Special care was taken in the selection of fabrics to create realistic scenes.

The quilt's large center block illustrates Allen County and identifies many of the early post offices and schools as well as the county seat of Scottsville. Additional blocks portray landmarks and activities that have had a significant impact on family, home and community life in Scottsville and Allen County.

Allen County Quilt

Clockwise from the 'Allen County' block:
Close-up Jacksonian

The Jacksonian Hotel was built during Allen County's oil boom in 1919 to provide lodging for many out-of-town workers. Noted for its home cooking and southern hospitality, the Hotel was the meeting place for family and community events. The building was razed in 1973; the Allen County Public Library stands on this site.

Jacksonain Hotel

Farm Close-up Farming has always been an important occupation in Allen County. In earlier days tobacco, corn and hay were the main crops. Livestock (mules, cows, hogs and poultry) as well as fruit and vegetable gardens were essential to the farm family. Today agriculture remains a vital part of Allen County's economy.

The Washington Overall Manufacturing Company represents an early clothing industry which provided family income for many citizens in the community. It is symbolic of the impact that manufacturing has had on Allen County's economy. This employee works at her sewing machine in the three-story brick building built in 1928.

The Tabernacle was erected in the early 1900s for public worship. Various groups and denominations have held revivals and singings at this Scottsville landmark located on the Holland Road. Tabernacle

Timber is one of Allen County's most abundant natural resources. Many sawmills and log yards were operated throughout the county. In early years logs were floated to market on Barren River.

Barren River Lake provides a beautiful place for recreation. Some of the many activities enjoyed by family members of all ages are boating, swimming, hiking, bicycling, hunting and fishing. The numerous creeks that flow into Barren River offer a peaceful, picturesque setting for picnicking, canoeing or just relaxing with family and friends. Barren River Lake
Deer Fishing

The L & N Depot, a board and batten building constructed in 1887, stands on its original East Main Street site. For many years railroad services provided important links to and from the outside world for passengers as well as freight. The original Depot included a front two-story passenger section which was torn down when passenger service was discontinued.

The Public Spring hosts a Historical Marker signifying its importance as Scottsville's original source of water. In fact, the town site was chosen because of the plentiful water supply at the Spring. The Spring has been renovated and restored to its former rustic beauty by the Scottsville Garden Club.

Home in Allen County Home & Family Life are represented by this quiet home scene of mother and child. Women, like this quilter, symbolize the Allen County Homemakers' dedication to family, home and community through learning, leading and serving.

One Room Schools were the bedrock of learning and the center of many activities in Allen County communities. Seventy-seven schools (both black and white) enrolling over 4,800 students were scattered across the County by 1900. Down through the years dedicated teachers have instilled in their students a thirst for knowledge and a desire to prepare for a successful future. From One Room Schools to our current new and progressive school system, Allen Countians continue to value the importance of education.

The Allen County Courthouse (1903 to 1965) stood in the center of the Scottsville Square as a beacon of City and County government. Two interesting features of this building are the eagle atop the cupola (originally from the earlier Octagonal Courthouse) and the bell which was placed on display in the City-County Building when the Courthouse was torn down in 1965.

Committee members worked on the quilt from October 1996 until January 1998; almost every stitch was made by hand. A special thanks to the following people who generously and willingly gave their time and talent to create this work of art: Ovaleta Boucher, Eva Cline, Kathy Fraim, Shirley Gashi, Margaret Gerald, Ovaleta Gibbs, Clytie Grissom, Beth Hester (chairperson), Martha Jackson, Gertrude Jent, Janet H. Johnson, Clementine Kirby, Emogene Lyles, Laverne Napier, Malinda Porter, Mary Garnett Richey, Cynthia Riffe, Kathleen Sutherland, Linda Spence, Naomi Spencer, Martha Steinberger, Karen Templeton, Sue Trammel, Joan Tuck, Janice Walden, Joyce Walden, Joyce White, and Gerald Williams.

The quilt is beautifully hand quilted by Janice Walden.


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Compiled by Margaret Gerald and Beth Hester.

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