Anasazi in Utah


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Now we are on Cedar Mesa at our campsite overlooking one of the canyons. John was taking us to one of his favorite sites. Picture 4 shows the scale of the canyon as Beth climbs to the site as John watches from the stream bed.

At the site we found some intact kivas. In fact these were the best examples of kivas we saw on the whole trip. Just incredible, the roofs were mostly intact, the 'door' in the roof still had the outlining stones, you could see the plaster on the walls and even the deflection stone inside one kiva was standing upright.

Unfortunately we able to 'see' inside the kiva because someone had punched a hole in the side. Obviously this site had been looted many years before, but we tried to be careful as we examined the site and not walk on the roofs of the kivas.

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