Anasazi in Utah


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This is inside fishmouth looking out. Next to fishmouth cave is a small unassuming alcove. There is not much inside, until your eyes get used to the light. Then you start to see drawings everywhere. Elk, humanoid figures, etc. Picture 4 shows a nice atlatl motif with a humanoid figure. The atlatl was the hunting weapon of choice until the bow and arrow was introduced.

Moving on we next encountered the 'Goosenecks of the San Juan' river. The 'Goosenecks' is an excellent example of an entrenched meander. See if you can find the raft in the second picture. (Hint: it is in the river.) The raft was about 1000 feet below us. Next, John and Beth are standing on muley point looking at monument valley in Arizona. We are now about 2000 feet above the river. While we were enjoying this incredible view, a Stealth F-117 and a F-111 flew by. I managed to snap the F-111 before if flew out of sight. I wonder if this is a daily flight, 1000 feet above the the most scenic land in America at 600+ MPH!

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