Anasazi in Utah


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Approaching Fishmouth cave are numerous sites. Notice how the buildings are tucked back under the south-facing overhang. Inside you can see some storage areas in the shadows. Above we found the remains of a tower. That's Beth, John and Barbara inside the tower. With Fishmouth cave in the background, you see another site tucked under the overhang.

Now you need to look closely at this photo. There is a white arrow at the top right, a really good hand print to the left and the letters H. E. E. written in bullet lead to the right. These letters stand for the Hyde Exploring Expedition and was probably written in January 1894 when the expedition came through this site. The last picture shows the detail in the stone work. Notice the smaller stones stuck in the mortar in-between the larger stones. Plus check out the vent holes at the top of the left wall.

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