Nantucket Lightship Baskets

(The following is taken from a letter Tom sent me - Scott)

My wife Robbie and I are both Naval Academy graduates (Robbie 1986 and 1987 for me). Robbie was a jet pilot and I am a Surface Warfare Officer (I drive ships). Robbie got out of the Navy in 1995 and is still serving as an active drilling reserve officer.

We moved up to Newport, RI so I could teach at the Surface Warfare Officers School and then attend the Naval War College as a student, of which I am 2/3 complete. We will move to Virginia next summer so I can serve as the Executive Officer of USS OAK HILL (LSD 51).

We got involved with Nantucket Baskets when Robbie made a 9" Easter basket for each of our two girls. Things kind of exploded from there. We are scheduled to do a high end craft show here in Newport in two weeks, where we will try to sell some baskets and some Nantucket "greeting" cards. We have already sold 11 baskets to a store in downtown Newport and some neighbors. We just started a web page which is basic but up and running. We have an email for the biz The web address is We have made a 19"/5" mirrors, purses, rounds (most all sizes), ovals, lce bucket, business card basket, lamp and wine cooler.

By the way Robbie and I have become partial to white oak in Nantuckets.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Tom Belesimo


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